iPad 1, 2 & 3 Repairs

The Ipad for many of us who were brought up in the 80’s, is a sci-fi gadget that you would have only ever seen in a TV show such as Star Trek. Now Steve Jobs has brought us the future in the form of portable computing to our homes. It’s become part of our everyday life, most households have a main computer. An Ipad can be taken with you wherever you wish to go. What is so appealing about the Ipad is, it is extremely easy to use, battery life is good and the fact that you can virtually have your office in the palm of your hand.

With the ever growing demand of the Ipad, it has pushed third party software developers to develop office suites and photography suites, this makes the Ipad not only fun to use but is also capable of the serious tasks as well.  Now with the ever increasing mobile gaming and social networking demands, the Ipad is your ideal partner in life.

We cover Bourne, Market Deeping Stamford, Peterborough and all surrounding areas. Give us a call today for a low priced quote and a fast reliable repair service. If you are not located in our local area, give us a call and we can either arrange to collect your Mac or you can simply post it to us.



You have your iPad and like many of us, we try and keep it safe in its own little iPad cover, unfortunately accidents happen!!! We experience the dreaded slip off the hands or slip off the table onto the hard floor resulting in a cracked screen and usually dented corners, However it’s not all doom and gloom as these can be repaired. Here, at macnet pc, we take extra care of your iPad and we give our customers the best possible repair so you can enjoy your iPad once again. so what happens when you bring your iPad to us well the best way is to tell you our


When we receive your iPad we fully check the volume/sound/mute/on/off buttons of your iPad. we then assess the damage to see if the dented corners (if there are any) can be pulled back. we then take it in, remove the glass digitiser that is smashed or cracked, this is also performed with great care. Your iPad is then cleaned and all old adhesive is removed. we ensure all connections are clean and securely fixed, all wi-fi 3g cables are intact, on off volume cable is intact,

Frame is cleaned and made dust free. New adhesive is then placed ready for the new glass digitiser to be fixed. But what sets us apart from the rest is that we not only do all the above but we replace the old plastic midframe with a new one if it is damaged; this ensures the seating of the glass to be flush.

Our special design adhesive is a much stronger and better design than that of our competitors, exclusive to us in the UK. This adhesive maximises the fixing coverage which in turn results in a very strongly bonded glass and a much more acceptable finish.

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