MacBook Pro Repairs

The MacBook Pro is the prodigal son of the most successful Apple PowerBook. In its day it was only ever seen by graphics designers, photographers and connoisseurs of the finer things in life.

We had the ultimate 17inch, although a tad heavy still portable, the 15inch and 12inch model of PowerBooks all are still going strong, I have serviced a few myself. Now the MacBook Pro has not only got the power but is also portable, always ready for you to throw any task at it and it will complete it with ease. Take it on a train, plane or holiday, it fits nicely in your backpack, briefcase and shoulder bag. The MacBook Pros lightness, portability and power combined into one, makes it a very desirable companion indeed. So is the MacBook a good buy? We certainly think it is.

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We cover Bourne, Market Deeping Stamford, Peterborough and all surrounding areas. Give us a call today for a low priced quote and a fast reliable repair service. If you are not located in our local area, give us a call and we can either arrange to collect your Mac or you can simply post it to us.